čtvrtek 27. července 2006

Pro začátečníky

Narazil jsem na jednom blogu na odkaz na BBC (ano, opět), ale tentokrát tam píší o psaní. V sekci Poetry for Beginners je tenhle úžasný text.
Let's begin with the fundamental question: what's the difference between poetry and prose? I think it's something to do with walking and dancing. Walking aims to get you somewhere; but when you dance you're just exactly where you want to be, you dance as a way of describing your excitement and you could go on and on doing it just for fun. You could do it for ever.

Poetry is danced language which means, when you're writing it or reading it, you mustn't rush to the end to find out what it means, but every line, every phrase, every word is an end in itself. That's the most important thing for me about poems. However small you split them, each part is still excited, still a whole.

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  1. Ten popis je poetický sám o sobě.

  2. to se mi líbí, nádherně vystiženo!

  3. nádherně řečeno!